Meet The Team

Indy Hip Chic is a lifestyle blog following the amazingly awesome lives of 4 Indy natives. Originally created to be a creative outlet and place to try new things we thought why not share this experience??? And with that Indy Hip Chic was born. From cosplay to vegan recipes we cover a little bit of everything while showing off the place we call home.

We want to engage our viewers and challenge them to try something new via our experiences. Whether it be new beauty products, how to care for your natural hair and skin, trying a new exotic restaurant, social event, new business or how to eat and be a healthier you!

While telling you about all the cool new things we try and experience we also want to showcase and educate people about the black owned businesses and organizations available within our community and nation wide. We believe supporting one another is crucial for the black community and we aim to do our part by showcasing black artists, non-profits, businesses, products and everything in between. If you have any companies or organizations you believe deserve to be highlighted please send them our way!

Although most of our experiences will take place in the state of Indiana; from time to time IHC goes abroad where we’ll share our experience and places we recommend you give a try. We think everyone should experience the beauty of the world.

Check back regularly for awesome new posts.

Krystal Teela Shalise

Krystal is a lover of video, DIY projects, natural hair and small cute animals. This scatter-brained perfectionist is a videographer/graphic designer by day and a lifestyle blogger by night. Krystal has always had a passion for being behind the camera and bringing stories to life. From documentaries to short films Krystal has had her hands in her fair share of projects. Coming up in the Telecommunications magnet and attending Ball State University where she graduated with a Bachelors in Telecommunications, Krystal eats, sleeps and breathes video. Along with her deep passion for video production, Krystal is an avid DIYer, wife to the goofiest man on the planet and proud mommy of two ferocious kitties.

Kristin Shelby

Kristin is… just trying to figure it all out honestly. From love and relationships, to careers, hobbies and passions, Kristin is using her 20s to explore the world around her. Kristin loves Christ, love, music, makeup and appreciating the random beautiful moments of life. At a young age, Kristin was fortunate enough to be selected to participate in Science Bound, a program that introduced her to the world of STEM and offered her a full ride scholarship to Purdue University. The investment in her future by total strangers helped shape the woman and scientist she is today, inspiring her to give back to her community. She became a proud Purdue alumna in May 2012, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences. Today, she enjoys volunteering for minority science programs whenever she can. Introducing young people of color to the idea of college, careers in science and their potential for greatness has been her way of paying it forward. She hopes to use Indy Hip Chic as an avenue to inspire people to join her in this journey of self-exploration, self-love, kindness and making the world a little more beautiful!

Vegan Tami

Tami is a mother of 7 children and Jid’d (Grandmother) to 5.  Inspired by her daughter, Krystal, she decided to go natural in April of 2016.  Tami wanted to learn to love her natural hair, her body and herself more completely.  Soon after in May of 2016 she decided to go vegan in an effort to take her natural journey even further.  She is an avid believer in supporting black business and even created her own company with the desire that her accounting and graphic services would assist these businesses in sustaining their businesses for the long haul.  Tami is also a lover of history, ancient cultures and is addicted to travel.  She has been accused of being an over sharer when it comes to social media but having her Masters of Science in Internet Marketing, sharing is just how she lives her life.  She wants other people to see the world through her eyes and know that we can all do anything we want if we just try.


Terrian is a self-disclosed beauty addict and lover of social media. She comes from a large family and is a loyal friend who enjoys spending quality time with people she loves. She can be found trying different restaurants, shops, and random events in the city. She started out as a science and technology magnet student who eventually graduated from Ball State University and double majored in Psychology and Criminal Justice in 2012. Terrian became interested in makeup and beauty while in high school; she enjoys trying new products, trends, and styles. She is currently juggling the challenge of being a productive responsible adult and finding out more ways to learn about herself and the world she lives in. She is excited about the opportunity to share it with Indy Hip Chic!