We made it!!! Vegan for May was an eye-opening experience! My two main takeaways from this month are 1) you HAVE to plan if you’re going to live a vegan lifestyle and 2) it’s OK to make adjustments. The restrictive feeling that comes with many diets and lifestyle changes can often derail progress. All you think about are the things you “can’t” have until you break and go back to bad habits! This month taught me to make a plan, execute the plan, and sometimes throw the plan out of the window! You have to do what is good for you! Don’t beat yourself up for wanting a slice of pizza! I didn’t make it 100% vegan the entire month, but I’m ok with that. I’m super proud of our progress and our dedication to the essence of the challenge and trying something new! I explored new meal options and actually feel really great about it. I have much more energy, my skin is glowing, and I even lost some weight! That’s always a win lol … I’m not sure that I’ll be a full-time vegan moving forward, but I can see myself having more plant-based meals/days. For now, I’m challenging myself to maintain vegan life for another two weeks. I’ll see where life takes me from there!!


-Kristin Shelby 

The key to successfully transitioning to a vegan diet is finding your staples! At the beginning of the month, I was pretty confident I wouldn’t make it the entire 31 days and to be honest I didn’t. There were several cheat days along the way and for the final week I decided to eat a vegetarian diet instead of vegan; I just couldn’t make another run to Fresh Thyme. But as I was saying staples are key! Once you figure out your snacks and go to meals eating vegan is just as easy as eating a normal meat filled diet. Overall, I actually enjoyed taking part in Vegan for May. I was introduced to a lot of meal alternatives and dined at vegan exclusive restaurants, which is something I couldn’t see myself doing prior. Healthwise, I’m not sure if I lost any weight due to not measuring or weighing myself before starting this journey but I do feel better overall. I feel lighter, don’t have my mid-day crash, I’m more regular and I don’t feel bloated as often. Eating a vegan diet also helped me go to the gym more often. You don’t feel as stuffed after eating so you can go to the gym right after eating if you really want to. Will I continue being vegan after May??? Probably not, but I do see myself utilizing Gardein meatless meat more often, including more fresh fruits and veggies in my diet and I may even cut dairy products altogether.

– Krystal Teela Shalise

We are now officially done with Vegan for May! This past month has been a great journey in my opinion of enjoying fresh food and feeling way better. It hasn’t been easy 100% easy that is for sure, because I’ve personally been on a low carb diet. So, while I am eating a lot more vegetables, I need to really make sure that I am getting enough protein. I relied heavily on seitan, tofu, and hummus.  For me, overall, I can say that I have been having a better quality of sleep, my mood has improved, and I felt more satisfied with my meals. While I do love the way I feel while being vegan, I don’t feel that it is a lifestyle for me to adopt currently


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