The summer is meant for catching up on tv shows and binge-watching Netflix original series. So far I’ve made quite the dent in my list of must-watch series, and while most of them have been pretty good I’ve also run across a few duds. But what’s a binge session without a few inconsistent, bad CG sci-fi movies???

The first series I would recommend you check out this summer is Dear White People Volume 2. Obviously, if you haven’t seen volume 1 you’ll have to backtrack and check that out as well. Dear White People started off as an indie trailer in 2007 that got a lot of traction. From there a movie was created in partnership with Lionsgate. I honestly wasn’t a huge fan of the movie, but when it was announced that it would be re-created as a Netflix original series I was counting down the days till its release.

Dear White People Volume 2 picks up right after volume 1 as it continues to follow the lives of 6 black students at a PWI (predominantly white institution). Each episode is focused on one of the main characters and their perception of whatever event that’s being highlighted during the series. Volume 2 is all about secret societies, white tears, internet trolls and as always navigating a PWI as a black student. I think the show is freaking hilarious and there are definitely a few characters in the series that resemble people I’ve met while attending my PWI.

The second series I recommend you get into this summer is The Toys That Made Us. This docu-series highlights the toys that made our childhoods, giving us a look into the origins of Barbie, Legos and Star Wars. So far I’ve only seen the first episode but I LOVE IT! In the first episode we learn about Star Wars and the impact their toy line had on the toy industry. We get to hear from the creators, the lawyer that made the astonishing contract, and the small business owner that made it all possible. This is a great series to get into if you were ever a child that owned a toy lol. The series warms the heart and leaves you floored by some of the hurdles they went through to make these toys possible.

The final Netflix show I’m going to tell you guys about is actually one I would not recommend unless you just have time and space to waste on a really bad Netflix original movie. The Titan is a star-studded movie featuring Sam Worthington, Taylor Schilling, Nathalie Emmanuel and Tom Wilkinson. The Titan is set in 2048 in a time when the earth is becoming uninhabitable and like every movie about the soon coming death of our planet we are trying to find another planet to live on and destroy. Unlike most space exploration movies where we try to force a planet to become inhabitable, The Titan takes a slightly different spin. Our main characters decide to take part in a scientific experiment where Scientist attempt to genetically alter humans so they can survive on another planet. They go through several series of shots and extremely strenuous physical therapy sessions to force their bodies to evolve. I’m not quite sure why we couldn’t find an easier planet to inhabit that required less genetic altering, but hey it’s not my movie. Overall I think the movie started off really well then went off the rails completely towards the end. So like I said in the beginning if you just have some time to waste, this movie is definitely a conversation starter.

What series have you been binge watching this summer? Have you watched any of the ones above? If so let’s talk about it, which was your favorite and why?

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Hey Hipsters, my name is Krystal. Lover of video, DIY projects, natural hair and small cute animals! I'm a scatter-brained perfectionist representing Ball State University!!! Chirp Chirp👌🏽👌🏽! I have a passion for being behind the camera and bringing stories to life. And my motto is if it exists I can probably look it up and make it myself.

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