If you are a huge fan of 80’s and 90’s sci-fi 2017 and 2018 have been golden. From Bladerunner to Star Trek everything seems to be getting a reboot so when I learned Lost in Space would be getting a 2018 facelift I was too geeked to start my latest 10-hour binge session. If you weren’t a fan of manipulative space bugs, children that made irrational decisions and spaceships you may have missed the 1998 film of the same name. And if you’re a late 80s baby like myself you may have missed the memo that Lost in Space was originally a late 60’s television series starring Guy Williams, June Lockhart and Mark Goddard (people I do not know).

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The new 2018 series a lot like the 1998 film follows the Robinson family and their journey from a soon to be dying earth to a new more habitable planet. In the pilot episode we are introduced to the 3 Robinson children Judy, Penny and Will as well as Mr. & Mrs. Robinson Maureen and John. We’re immediately thrown into the chaos with what seems to be an emergency evacuation gone wrong and our family ends up on an unknown planet, that actually resembles the current weather in Indiana pretty well. The Robinson ship crash lands into an icy lake causing them to have to evacuate their ship immediately before it sinks and ices back over.

Overall I really do enjoy the direction of the series and love how they’ve adapted many of the characters. Young Will is smart and stressed, Penny is more rambunctious and a lot less emo goth and Judy is a brilliant, young, beautiful, black doctor AND yes I said black. When I first saw Judy it indeed raised a few questions like how did this all-white family have a black daughter but it does get explained further into the season. Also, watch the entire pilot episode I promise I’m not leading you astray. Late in the episode, we also meet the villain of the series Dr. Smith who is played by Parker Christian Posey. Posey plays the perfect Villain, she’s manipulative, self-centered and only cares about numero uno making it extremely easy to hate her guts.

Other than their names there aren’t many things that stay true to the 90’s film which doesn’t bother me. I actually really like that there aren’t any mutating space spiders, at least not yet anyway. If you’re interested in binging the series Lost in Space can be found on Netflix and they recently got confirmed for a second season! Were you a fan of the 90s Lost in Space? If so do you plan to check out the new 2018 series?

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