After using a bullet journal daily for about 6 months, I think now is a great time to give you guys an update and show you my current layout. Things have changed considerably since the last time I made a Bujo post so I hope this post can help you or give you some inspiration when setting up your bullet journal for the month of August. So let’s jump right in.

Overall my bullet journal has changed a lot but there are still a few things that have made it through this journey. One of those things being my monthly spread. For the most part these pages are basically the same as when I first started bullet journaling back in February. Each month I create a calendar in table form, and fill it in with bill due dates, events and any other random things that come up during the month.


The next two pages I include in my spread each month are a Goals page and Bright Ideas page. For the past year I’ve been part of a mastermind group, which I plan to revisit in deep detail in another post, but in June we decided to reevaluate our annual goals and choose 3 we would like to actually accomplish before the end of the year. So each month I take those three main goals and determine 3 things I can do that month that’ll me get closer to achieving each overall goal by the end of the year. Then under that area I list out any other items that need to be completed during that month that don’t necessarily have to do with my main 3.

The Bright Ideas page was actually inspired by Kristin. She includes a Bright Ideas page in her bullet journal as a brain dump for those great ideas you want to remember or revisit later. I currently use my Bright Ideas pages for blog post ideas, creative projects and potential business ventures.


Next we have the weekly spread, it’s very similar to the spread I had at the end of March. With each day laid out on one side and other tasks that need to be accomplished on the other side. The biggest difference in this spread is the use of STICKERS for my trackers and calendars. Stickers are such a time saver!!!! I’m currently using the cheapo route and bought some full sheet label paper off amazon. I design whatever I want in Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign then just print it out on the label paper. The only disadvantage taking this route is having to cut around each sticker but comparing that to drawing out everything… I’ll take it. So far with my stickers I have a general calendar, a daily tracker and hourly tracker.


To go along with my weekly spread I also do a weekly goals page. This page is used to determine what 3 things I can accomplish under my main 3 monthly goals on a weekly basis. Having my weekly goals laid out on it’s own page is very helpful to me. It helps me to move forward and really focus on the end goal. I know, I’ve noticed that sometimes when you have a huge goal in front of you, sometimes you don’t know where to start so having it laid out in bite sized chunks is really helpful.


My daily pages are probably the biggest part of my bullet journal that has changed. Each day I put the top 3 things I want to accomplish that day that have to do with my main 3. Under that area I put everything else, other things that need to be accomplished, notes, reminders, whatever.


Other pages you can find in my bullet journal are a table of contents, future log, my reading challenge page, a goals page that I don’t really use all that much anymore since doing the 6 month evaluation and a 2017 events page.

Extra Pages

Well I hope this was helpful to you guys. If you are currently bullet journaling and have tips, tricks or suggestions please share in the comments section below. Also if you happen to use any of these ideas tag us in your photos with @IndyHipChic.

If you happen to be looking for any of the items shown within this post I’ve provided links below!

Label Paper:
Washi Tape from Walmart:

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