Hey guys, Krystal here from Indy Hip Chic. Today I am going to do a recap of my February bullet journal as well as show you guys my setup for March.  Let’s start with the things that worked well in February and will be pulled forward.

The first thing I’m moving forward into March is my monthly setup.  For the most part, it’s setup the exact same way as February with the color coded key at the top for certain topics.  The only difference for March is I’ve decided to start my week off on Monday instead of Sunday.  I think having Monday – Thursday on one page and Friday – Sunday on the next allows for more space in the “things to do” area.

March Calendar

Another thing I’m bringing forward into March is my monthly goals page.  Having my overall goals listed on this page was very helpful to me.  It allowed me to go back and reference my goals throughout the month.

March Goals & Habit Tracker

Another thing that is remaining the same in March is my weekly and daily set ups.  At the moment I create a weekly page with boxes for each day, with a tasks list beside Sunday to list out things I know I want to accomplish this week, but don’t yet have a set date.
March Weekly

For my daily pages, I have an hourly planner along the top with the date, water intake and vitamins listed below it.  Something I started implementing later in February was color coding my bullets to correspond with my hourly planner.  Having the color-coded bullets lets me know what tasks need to be accomplished during what times.

March Daily

Some of the major differences from February to March are my Habit Tracker and Meal Plans page.  For February I created a single large chart with each habit having its own row.  For my March habit tracker, I decided to give each habit its own mini-chart.  I’m not sure if this is something I will continue in the future.  Creating each individual chart was pretty repetitive.March Goals & Habit Tracker

For my meal plans page the first page is basically the same as February’s set up, with my breakfasts, snacks, and dinners listed out on one side and a grocery list from those meals listed out on the other.  To go along with this page I decided to add an additional page with a chart for the each week to help me plan out on a daily basis what breakfasts, snacks, and dinners need to be prepared for each day.
March Meal Plans

Other pages that I’ve added to my bullet journal were a future log and spring wishlist.  Originally I only had a 2016 calendar page that I attempted to use as a future log, but quickly realized that there was not enough space to list out future events.  So I’m hoping this new future log set up resolves that issue.

Future Log

The spring wishlist is basically a list of items I would like to either get for myself personally, for the blog or just video equipment.  I plan to create a list for each season as a reminder of things I’d like to purchase.  With so much hustle and bustle on a daily basis, I never seem to remember those little items I wanted to gift myself with, and I believe getting gifts for yourself is an important part of living a happy life.Spring Wish List

Well, that’s all for my March Bullet Journal Set Up, hope you guys enjoyed this post and see you guys in the next one.

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Hey Hipsters, my name is Krystal. Lover of video, DIY projects, natural hair and small cute animals! I'm a scatter-brained perfectionist representing Ball State University!!! Chirp Chirp👌🏽👌🏽! I have a passion for being behind the camera and bringing stories to life. And my motto is if it exists I can probably look it up and make it myself.
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