This year I’m really trying to be more organized and realistically accomplish all my goals. For me, that means cracking down on this here bullet journal. I’ve been using some sort of planner or journal most of my life but got really into bullet journaling in 2016. When I first started I was killing it, all my goals were getting accomplished, I was using it daily and even sharing some of the tips and tricks I had learned. Then at some point in late 2017 things starting to go by the wayside. I was always rushing to set up my spreads to barely even use them. So in November of 2018, I decided I wanted to do better. I want to live a happier and more stress-free life and figured maybe I should start here.

At the end of December 2017, I purchased the Leuchtturm1917 Master Classic with dotted pages. This notebook is larger than any journal style bujo I’ve used in the past. It is about the size of a full sheet of paper (8 1/2 x 11 or A4) and contains 233 dot grid style sheets. I choose this size so I could easily store paper inside it without having to fold it up and have a larger area to draw out calendars and other types of grids. I personally really like this notebook. It took a while to get used to the size especially since I like to take my notebook with me everywhere. It’s a little heavy and you’ll need a mom sized purse or backpack if you plan to lug it around like me.

Now let’s get into my setup.

This year I decided to start my bujo with a cute little coversheet that includes the date and my word of the year.

Immediately after that, I jump right into my 2019 goals. This year I decided to set them up in a chart style format with each category inside a block. I currently have 6 categories, but you can easily add more since this notebook is so big.

Next up I decided to do something very different from any of my previous bujos and that’s include a large calendar format future log. In the past, I’ve done tiny little calendars that you could barely fill in and I noticed doing that was not beneficial to me at all. I usually could only fit maybe 1 or 2 future events in those calendars so many times I didn’t actually know what to prepare for. This new setup allows me to see each month so I can plan ahead and avoid overbooking my time.

Then smack dap in the middle of the calendar I put a 6-month goal check-in. I wanted to include this space to revisit my goals, maybe realign, and adjust things depending on how my year has gone thus far.

After that, I have my January setup. The first page includes another goal chart and a large January calendar. My January goal page is where I take my big picture goals and break them down into attainable, bite-sized chunks that can be accomplished within a month. Then the calendar is simply a larger version of my future log. Some people may find this redundant, but I like to have it here so I can add additional items and cross off the days as they pass.

Next, I have my workout and water trackers. These are both sheets I created in InDesign and printed out on watercolor paper. I use to draw out my trackers, but that takes up sooooo much time so now I just design them. I’ve included links to them here if you’d like to use them as well.

The bright ideas page is something I’ve used since the very beginning. This page is where I put any ideas I think of throughout the month. I also include any cool websites, places or events I want to remember. This page really comes in handy when I can’t think of new posts.

Now we get into my weekly spreads. In the past, I would wait and do each weekly spread a day or two before the week began. I noticed when I did that my weekly spreads really suffered and I was often rushing to get them done so I could fill them in. This year I’ve decided to just do them all ahead of time so they are ready to go whenever the week arrives. So far I really like having them all done ahead of time cause I can realistically plan and don’t have as much to do on Sunday when I sit down and fill in my week.

After my weekly spreads, I have all my dailies. So far I’ve been doing these by putting the day of the week and date at the top, followed by my top 3 goals of the day, a short journal entry then whatever other notes or things I write down. Including the date after the day of the week in my header has been extremely helpful when I look back on previous days. Knowing which Tuesday a particular entry was written is strangely very helpful.

Welp, that is all I have so far for my 2019 bullet journal and I hope it was helpful for anyone trying to get more organized. How are you getting organized in 2019? Are you using a bujo, planner or something else entirely???

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Indy Hip Chic is a lifestyle blog following the amazingly awesome lives of 3 Indy natives. Originally created to be a creative outlet and place to try new things we thought why not share this experience??? And with that Indy Hip Chic was born. From cosplay to vegan recipes we cover a little bit of everything, while showing off the place we call home. We want to engage our viewers and challenge them to try something new via our experiences. Whether it be new beauty products, how to care for your natural hair and skin, trying a new exotic restaurant, social event, new business or how to eat and be a healthier you! While telling you about all the cool new things we try and experience we also want to showcase and educate people about the black owned businesses and organizations available within our community and nation wide. We believe supporting one another is crucial for the black community and we aim to do our part by showcasing black artists, nonprofits, businesses, products and everything in between. Check us out for your daily dose of awesome.
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  1. I also like to structure things up, put into some sort of category, I think its really necessary to do this stuff because its indeed help, aside what are your favorite planners and how many you normally used, I am sure there are couples…

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Indy Hip Chic is a lifestyle blog following the amazingly awesome lives of 4 Indy natives. Originally created to be a creative outlet and place to try new things we thought why not share this experience??? And with that Indy Hip Chic was born. From cosplay to vegan recipes we cover a little bit of everything while showing off the place we call home.

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