Last week on August 11th we decided to go see The Toy Factory in Witten Park in the Saxony community.  Saxony is located on the far northwest side of Fishers, Indiana almost on the border of Noblesville.  This growing area has been having festivals and concerts in Witten Park for the past few years but we have never attended due to our family schedules never coinciding.  This past Friday we were finally free.  I told the hub to make sure to fill our cooler, I grabbed the chairs and bug repellent and we headed out to join a few family members we were meeting in the park.  We got there a little early, because if you haven’t heard of The Toy Factory or heard them play…. They are a pretty big deal locally so it was imperative to secure our spot.

The Toy Factory started out with some Bruno Mars ~ 24k Magic, Marvin Gaye’s ~ Got To Give It Up, threw in some Earth, Wind and Fire ~ Let’s Groove Tonight and then some Nortorious BIG ~ One More Chance, they had me as well as a good part of the crowd on their feet dancing and bobbing to the music.  The sky was clear, it wasn’t too hot and despite my sweaty forehead and back, the Toy Factory never ceased to have me popping back out of my fold up chair to dance some more. Even my husband, who never dances in public, had to stand up and dance when The Toy Factory played BBD’s (Bell Biv Devoe’s) ~ Poison. They mixed New School with Old School R&B & Rap, Funk with Rock and I felt like a young girl back in the party days, only we were in a park with families of all ages, colors, and races.


The park was packed that Friday night; people had to sit behind the band just to get close.  The Saxony community does a good job of ensuring their attendees have a good time by inviting food trucks; there was even an adult libations truck for those who partake, lining the street behind the park.  People were walking around hugging and greeting friends, children were playing in the kid park behind the concert lawn.  It is a really very nice scene for couples out on a date, for a girls night out or a guys night out or for families and it was totally FREE.

The Musicians in The Toy Factory band consist of:

  • Alaina Renae – Lead Vocals
  • Bruce “Bookie” Lismon – Drums, Vocals
  • Charles Muldrow – Keys, Vocals
  • Lee Walker – Bass, Keys, Vocals
  • Michael Hogan – Bass, Keys, Vocals
  • Lexie Signor – Trumpet
  • Mic Owens – Lead Vocals, Percussion
  • Paul Schafer – Saxophone

So if you like having a good time, want to follow a good band and want to have something fun to do during the week or weekend; check out The Toy Factory on their website where you can find their song list, reviews, contact information and more importantly their schedule.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and videos I shared of my evening.  Maybe next year you can join Indy Hip Chic at Witten Park when we go back to see Toy Factory again.  We are making this an annual thing.

Love, Hugs & Kiss

Vegan Tami

About the author

Tami is a mother of 7 children and Jedah (Grandmother) to 5. Inspired by her daughter, Krystal, she decided to go natural in April of 2016. Tami wanted to learn to love her natural hair, her body and herself more completely. Soon after in May of 2016 she decided to go vegan in an effort to take her natural journey even further. She is an avid believer in supporting black business and even created her own company with the desire that her accounting and graphic services would assist these businesses in owning and sustaining their businesses for the long haul. Tami is also a lover of history, ancient cultures and is addicted to travel. She has been accused of being an over sharer when it comes to social media but having her Masters of Science in Internet Marketing, sharing is just how she lives her life. She wants other people to see the world through her eyes and know that we can all do anything we want if we just try.
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  1. Kathy Volini

    Lovely, would love to meet up with you next year if all goes well which It better . Live Love Laugh
    Ditch and Switch.
    More to come, you must be in my Celestial, I have been working on a similar journey myself as you know,

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