Hey, gorgeous!! Since moving back to Indy this summer, life has been BUSYYYY!!! From work and working out, to friends and family, to events and deadlines, I’ve been running myself ragged!! Just when I was getting to the end of my rope, I see a post in an Indy blogger group about an event at Spavia! If you don’t know, Spavia is a brand new day spa located on 116th street in Fishers! We were fortunate enough to go inside for a tour and experience some awesome mini treatments that left me feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed!!

Krystal and I have been talking a lot about the importance of self-care lately, so this event popped up at the perfect time! We were greeted at the door with a glass of wine and told a bit about the spa and event. Next, we were welcomed into the retreat/relaxation area for light refreshments. One thing I really liked about the relaxation areas is that they’re gender specific. I feel like that would make me more comfortable when it comes to relaxing in a spa robe. The atmosphere was very tranquil and soothing. They even offer lavender neck towels to add a warm and aromatic aspect to the relaxation.

Next up was the fun part: the mini treatments! They offer a bunch of different treatments, six of which were available in a mini version for us to try! We weren’t able to make it through all of the treatments, but between the three of us, we tried quite a few!

Skin Image Consultation

We were able to experience a skincare consultation with the Skin Image representative. She was eager to discuss our skin types and concerns and recommend a regimen to help keep our skin healthy and improve any problem areas. We were able to touch and test a few of the products and get some brief explanations of their different product lines.

Mini Facials

I’ve never gotten a facial before, so I was really excited to try it!! The esthetician did a quick consult about skin type and concerns before starting the treatment. The room was dimly lit with soft music playing, very soothing. She let me know what each product was and what the purpose was as she used it. My favorite part was the steam towel. After she cleansed my face, she used a hot steamy towel to wrap my face. You wanna talk about relaxation?!?! I was just about ready to fall asleep on the table!! She let me know that typically, the service would be quite a bit longer and include a facial mask. Literally everyone that left the mini room looked very rejuvenated, moisturized and glowy! I can only imagine how I’d feel after the full facial!

Brow Wax & Eye Treatment

Terrian was able to give this treatment a try! I fully believe that brows can make or break a face (lol seriously though). The treatment was supposed to help your eyes look more youthful, hydrated and bright. I heard great remarks from the ladies that tried it, but I wasn’t necessarily wowed by the results. A lot of the ladies that tried this treatment haven’t ever gotten their brows done, so I’m assuming she didn’t want to get too crazy with the waxing. I’m pretty particular about my brows though and like a good arch. I also already have my go-to brow place (Reena’s iBrows in Castleton), so I doubt I’ll be trying that service anytime soon.

Hand Treatment

The hand treatment was another one that I’m not so sure I’d go back for. The atmosphere alone was very calming and relaxing. The products smelled great and the lady’s voice was so soothing. Unfortunately, I didn’t really notice a huge difference after having the treatment done, so while it was nice to try, I doubt I’d pay for it.

Mini Massage

This was my favorite treatment (mini facial being a CLOSE second)!! I typically only get massages when I’m on vacation and in a splurge mode. I’ve been wanting to find a good masseuse/massage therapist to see on a consistent basis. My hour long commute to work can be quite taxing on my neck and back. I think I may have found that with Adrienne from Spavia!  She had an amazing touch! I did not want to get up from that table!! Most times when I get a massage, the pressure is kinda crazy and I end up sore af the next couple of days. I always feel like whatever kinks they worked out are just replaced with more from me being tense from the soreness. That kind of defeats the purpose in my opinion. Adrienne used the perfect amount of pressure though! I didn’t have any soreness after leaving her table. And her neck massage was to die for! That was my favorite part!

Spavia is officially open for business in Fishers, IN! They have monthly membership options available for those that want to make self-care a way of life. They also offer individual treatments for those that just want to treat themselves every so often! Right now through the end of September, they’re running a founder’s special that gets you $10 off of your membership every month FOR THE LIFE OF THE MEMBERSHIP!!! I thought that was awesome! Memberships start at $69 (or $59 if you sign up before the end of the month). I think that’s a reasonable price for the services! They also have a weekday special (Mon-Thur) going on now for first time guests $40 off of a signature massage or signature facial (regularly $99). You can find more info and schedule a visit at https://spaviadayspa.com/fishers-in/

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Hey Hipsters, it's intro time! I'm Kristin. Originally from Indy's east side. I graduated from Purdue University in 2012 and have been whirling through the "real world" ever since. I love science, love, arts & crafts, DIY projects and appreciating the random beautiful moments of life!!

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