One of the biggest misconceptions I had about eating healthy in general was that it was going to be 1) expensive and 2) very difficult to find an array of vegan options in regular grocery stores. Thankfully, I was wrong and it appears that Indianapolis has plenty of options that are affordable and worth your while! I am going to highlight three of the stores that I have done most of my grocery shopping this month and what I liked about them most. 

I usually do most of my grocery shopping at Kroger so that I can earn fuel points and get discount on the way too high gas prices. I think that Kroger is the store that typically meats all of your basic needs and I really like that there is a section of the store that is focused on more health-conscious options. Their Simple Truth brand is excellent, however, a couple years ago they decided to put the Simple Truth items within each category of the store so it is harder for me to find out what’s new. When it came time for the Vegan for May challenge, I will say that they have come through with the meat alternatives and dairy-free products. The Daiya brand dairy free shredded “cheese” is great and they also have pizza and mac and cheese options. I would also suggest the Simple Truth Organic Dairy Free Fruit Bars and SO Delicious coconut milk and ice cream. 

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Meijer would have to be the #1 contender in my area for fresh produce now that we no longer have Marsh (RIP). Meijer has great variety in different types of fruits and vegetables with their pricing being in the average range. I also have come to expect that Meijer will always have the most interesting varieties when it comes to brands and certain types of snacks. They are the king of interesting chips. I really love The Better Chip Jalapeno Whole Grain Chips with my favorite vegan chili. Its the greatest pairing and I’m a fan of spicy foods. I also found a lot of pre-made veggie noodle options near the salad section and I’ve never seen so many varieties of hummus, guacamole, and salsa anywhere else!

Finally, one interesting thing that was discovered by Krystal is that the Walmart on Keystone has a variety of Gardein meatless products while other locations may have had only one or two options. In my opinion, Walmart is usually cheaper than other stores but the caveat is that their selection is limited and very seldom do I ever find discover something new. I believe that Walmart is always a reliable option when you are looking for something specific that you know that is a popular item that most people already shop for. 

I personally have not shopped at any of the gourmet supermarkets (Trader Joes, Fresh Market, etc.) so your mileage may vary at any of those locations. If you have any suggestions or know of great deals, please share them!

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