Welcome to Day 2 of being vegan! So far things are going quite well, if I do say so myself… but it is only day 2 haha!! Transitioning to a plant based diet can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have close friends and family that are already committed to that type of lifestyle. Personally, meat and dairy are a big part of my everyday diet. Most meals are formed around whatever my meat choice is for the day. When we decided to try being vegan this month, I must admit I had some concerns. What types of meals will I be eating? (Please not just salads.)  Will I be able to stay full and satisfied? What about when I don’t have a bunch of time to cook? I respected it for the lifestyle change that it is and wasn’t exactly sure where to start or how to adjust my life around it. I figured many of you would have similar concerns and struggles, so I decided to share three vegan bloggers/YouTubers that I’ve found to be a good starting resource. I decided to find black female vegans in hopes that they would understand my lifestyle and be able to explain vegan life “for the culture”. (Click the photos t0 view these ladies’ websites and recipes!!)

Sweet Potato Soul by Jenne Claiborne

Sweet Potato Soul is a blog and youtube channel by vegan chef Jenne Claiborne. Her website offers tons of free soulful vegan recipes! She also published her first cookbook, Sweet Potato Soul, this February! The SWP YouTube channel is jam packed with all things vegan. From general lifestyle type videos, to cheap meals, to meal prepping, this channel is DEFINITELY an amazing resource to help you see how easy and versatile vegan life can be. I always thought being vegan would be expensive, so the cheap meals and grocery shopping videos were eye opening for me! Go show her some love! Hopefully her website and videos will answer some questions you may have about vegan life!

The Chic is Natural by Kim

The Chic is Natural is another blog/YouTube channel that has some great vegan recipes. In addition to the vegan recipes, the site covers lifestyle, beauty and fashion. Her YouTube channel has a similar spread of topics: let’s eat, natural hair, makeup, fashion/lookbooks and more. My favorite thing about The Chic is Natural has to be her “what I ate today” videos. They’re pretty short and jam packed with all of the food that she ate that day. They’re essentially 3-4 mini recipe videos all put into one. It’s nice to be able to get three different meal ideas in 5-6 minutes! I’m all about efficiency!

Rachel Ama

Last, but not least, there’s Rachel Ama! She is another vegan blogger/YouTuber! “If you love food, travel and beauty with a vegan twist then you are in the right place!” Rachel offers DIY hair care tips and product reviews, vegan recipes and food reviews, info on cruelty-free makeup/skincare and travel! Her YouTube channel focuses mostly on vegan recipes (including introducing vegan food to non-vegans) and a bit about her fitness journey. Her videos are easy to follow, have easy to find ingredients and the food looks great! I also love her accent! Lol

I hope you will find these three ladies to be helpful resources if you’re joining us on this vegan journey! Whether it be for this month or for a lifetime, trying a new lifestyle will surely give you more insight to the lives of others and a new level to connect!! Comment below and let us know if you have any other favorite vegan bloggers/YouTubers!! We’re gonna need all the help and inspiration we can get!!

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Hey Hipsters, it's intro time! I'm Kristin. Originally from Indy's east side. I graduated from Purdue University in 2012 and have been whirling through the "real world" ever since. I love science, love, arts & crafts, DIY projects and appreciating the random beautiful moments of life!!

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