Hey, it’s Vegan Tami again, here to share with you some of the benefits I noticed with my own body and health once I became vegan.  These changes were not something that happened over a long period of time but that I noticed as soon as a week or two after becoming vegan. 

7 Benefits of Being Vegan

  1. Weight Loss
  2. Energy
  3. Healthier Skin
  4. Smell better
  5. Hair & Nails
  6. No Migraines
  7. No more allergies

Weight Loss

After the first week of being vegan I lost 5lbs and the second week I lost another 5lbs for a total of 10lbs.  I did this without worrying about calorie intake.  I ate as much as I wanted as often as I wanted and still lost the weight.  If you read my post 7 Vegan Myths Debunked. You would know that I would probably still be losing weight or at least be at a healthier weight if I didn’t learn about vegan snacks. 


My Energy levels increased.  I was finding myself feeling lethargic and tired all the time, especially after my exercise routine of walking 5 miles 4 times a week.  I noticed that I felt better once I changed to a Vegan diet, that I slept much better, that I didn’t have the itis after eating a big meal and just felt more energetic daily than I had before.

The book to the left is a wealth of information that helps you learn more about the health benefits of going vegan and takes away the fear of worrying about whether or not you are getting enough nutrients in your new vegan diet. 

Healthier Skin

Although I am 40+ I would still get a pimple here or there from time to time.  I would also have times where the skin on my face would get dry and rough and eventually peel, which did not look good.  Once I went vegan not only did the skin on my face clear up, my entire body felt softer and smoother.

Smell Better

As they say, you are what you eat.  I noticed that my body odor seemed sweeter.  Now, this can be accomplished by anyone who decides to increase their intake of apples, oranges, jackfruit, pineapple or citrus fruits but when you are vegan you do it automatically because it is part of what you eat.  I also noticed my poo had less to no odor at all because I was no longer eating meat.  Huge plus.

Hair & Nails

Right before going vegan I decided to do the big chop and cut all the perm and chemicals from my hair and go natural.  Considering how fast my hair normally grew, I truly believed it grew faster than normal after being vegan.  My hair was definitely stronger but that could have been from me no longer using straightening chemicals in my hair.  My nails, on the other hand, have always been thin and flaky; breaking easily but once I became vegan they became stronger and grew longer more often. 

No Migraines

Due to my allergies, I would sometimes get a sinus headache that turned into a migraine if I left it unchecked for too long.  Once I went vegan my migraines were reduced significantly because my allergies did not bother me as much

No Allergies

I walk a lot outside so being outside as much as possible has always helped with my allergy symptoms but once I went vegan I noticed they bothered me even less.  Eliminating dairy really helped to decrease the amount of mucus my sinuses were producing, therefore eliminating my seasonal allergies.  Unfortunately, … I’m still allergic to cats.  I guess being vegan can’t help me with that allergy.

Other benefits I noticed was that I’m more regular, I felt less full even when I ate a lot of food.  I eat healthier options which means I’m getting the vitamins and nutrients I need in my food instead of taking vitamins and supplements.  I feel healthier and no longer get as sick as I used to before going vegan.    I used to think my immune system was compromised, getting sick at least once a month.  Now I’m rarely sick at all.  This was not a benefit I noticed immediately though.  It took almost a year of being vegan before I noticed I wasn’t catching colds as often.  

Lastly, these are benefits I noticed with my body and overall health.  These benefits may not be consistent with your vegan experience.   If you have any questions or would like to add what your experience has been being vegan, please share them below in the comments.  

Vegan Tami

About the author

Tami is a mother of 7 children and Jedah (Grandmother) to 5. Inspired by her daughter, Krystal, she decided to go natural in April of 2016. Tami wanted to learn to love her natural hair, her body and herself more completely. Soon after in May of 2016 she decided to go vegan in an effort to take her natural journey even further. She is an avid believer in supporting black business and even created her own company with the desire that her accounting and graphic services would assist these businesses in owning and sustaining their businesses for the long haul. Tami is also a lover of history, ancient cultures and is addicted to travel. She has been accused of being an over sharer when it comes to social media but having her Masters of Science in Internet Marketing, sharing is just how she lives her life. She wants other people to see the world through her eyes and know that we can all do anything we want if we just try.

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