IHC Costume Series: Inside Out!

We’re back with another installment of the IHC Costume Series!! This one is a double hitter!! Today we’re going to teach you how to become Sadness and Disgust from Disney’s Inside Out! ** Product List** –Mehron Skin Prep Pro –Elizabeth Mott- Thank me later eyeshadow primer –Juvia’s Place Masquerade Pallette –Mehron Paradise Paint Pastel Palette –Mehron...
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IHC Costume Series: AHS Nun

Hey Hipsters! I’m back with another installment of the IHC Costume series! Today’s costume is the nun from the cover of the American Horror Story “Asylum” season. She’s in an all white nun outfit, with a completely white face that’s crying black tears. I really enjoy AHS and this costume was suuuper easy and quick...
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IHC Costume Series: Ursula

  Time for another installment of the IHC costume series!  Today I’m bringing you Ursula from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. I’m a hugeee Disney fan. The Little Mermaid was a classic for us 90s babies, so it was only right to include a character in my costume repertoire!! It seems like I’m always picking the...
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The Best of: Breakfast Club!

Hey Hipsters!! If you follow our blog or social media sites, I’m sure you’ve seen our IHC Costume Series! We’ve been revisiting old costumes and making tutorials to help give you some cool ideas of what to wear to all those upcoming Halloween parties! The costumes that we’re sharing in the series are the costumes...
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IHC Costume Series: Terminator

Today I’m going to be bringing you the 3rd installment of our IHC Costume Series. If you are a Sci/Fi fan, I’m right there with you. Terminator was one of my favorite movies as a child. If you are a fan of the series or have ever watched any of the movies, you know at...
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IHC Costume Series: The Lion King – Scar

Welcome back to the IHC costume series!! Today we’re going to walk you through one of my favorite characters of ALL TIME!! Scar from The Lion King!!! Like most 90s babies, I watched The Lion King about a million times growing up. There was always something about Scar that held a special place in my...
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