Welcome back to the IHC costume series!! Today we’re going to walk you through one of my favorite characters of ALL TIME!! Scar from The Lion King!!! Like most 90s babies, I watched The Lion King about a million times growing up. There was always something about Scar that held a special place in my heart. Imagine a 4 year old Kristin walking around reciting Scar lines all day; my favorite was “I’m surrounded by idiots,” paired with the signature eye roll and temple rub. So, for old time’s sake, I decided to recreate his look. Check it out below!

Scar - cover browsAfter washing and moisturizing my face, I prepped my skin with Mehron skin prep pro. It basically acts as a layer to help your makeup stay put and protect your skin from all the makeup you’re about to put on! Next, I started on the eyes! First, I went in with Elizabeth Mott “Thank Me Later” eyeshadow primer and put it all over my lid, up to my eyebrow. Next, I needed to hide my eyebrows. I wanted Scar’s eyebrows to be higher than my natural ones to make the look a little more animated. I took an Elmer’s washable glue stick and rubbed it over my eyebrows in the same direction of the hair. The glue stick will get all of your hair to lay down as smoothly as possible. I used Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Concealer after the glue to make sure my eyebrows were close to the same color as my skin.

Scar - Eyeshadow Galore Now for the eyeshadow! I used Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-Made and Modern Renaissance palettes for this look. For the reddish center of the eye, I used ABH SM Metallic Plum and Deep Purple on the lid and slightly up above the crease in a slanted half circle shape (see video). I added ABH MR Red Ochre on top of top to get the reddish color. For the outer tan part, I used ABH SM Witchy and ABH MR Warm Taupe all the way around the eye. I took it up to cover my eyebrow, around both sides and underneath my eye. Witchy is an olive green with shimmer. I used that to get a good base, then went over it with warm taupe to tone down the shimmer a bit.  After that, I went in with my black e.l.f. liquid eyeliner to outline the red part and make it stand out more.

Scar - creating eyebrow & scarFor the brows, I used Maybelline New York Eye Studio eyeliner in Blackest Black. I made the eyebrows pointy on the ends with a very rounded arch to give it a good cartoon feel. On the left eyebrow, I left a gap to fill in with the scar.I used the Maybelline NY eyeliner again to line my lash line. For the scar, I used NYX “slide on, glide on, stay on & definitely a turn on waterproof, extreme color lip liner (this lip liner is so good, the name had to be this long)” in the color Pink Cantaloupe. I drew in the scar starting in the space in the eyebrow, going up. Scar’s scar is both above and below his eye, so I added the other piece underneath the tan part under the eye.  I also used it to outline the scars and tan part of the eye. The black outline helps to make the colors pop and help everything stand out. If you want to be super fancy, you can finish the eyes with some false lashes. I decided to keep it simple and go in with my natural lashes and mascara.

The brown part of the face was pretty simple, since I’m already brown lol. I used Too Faced “Born This Way” foundation on all the areas with brown fur.

Scar - Blend out nose contourFor the nose, I used the Maybelline NY eyeliner to draw the outline of the nose, from the tip of the eyebrow down and outline the curves of his nostrils. Scar has a pretty wide set nose, so I had go out further onto my face (see video). His nose is very dark at the tip, so I used the eyeliner to make the bold tip/nostrils. I used a brush to blend up from the dark part of the nose and diffuse the hard line. I also used the brush to blend the sides of the nose with the eyeliner for a contour.

Scar - filling in furNext up, the black and white fur! For the fur around the nose, mouth and jaw line, I used Mehron Paradise paint. I used the white paint around the nose and to cover the mouth and chin area. The paint is water activated, so I sprayed a little water on the palette and used a beauty blender to apply. Applying a solid, non-streaky coat of the white is easier said than done, especially on brown skin; be patient and gentle when applying. This area isn’t exactly stark white on Scar, you can blend in a little bit of foundation or tinted moisturizer to give it a slightly tan look. I didn’t because enough of my skin tone still showed through the white paint. Next I went in with the black paint along the jawline and up the side of the face to create his “beard.” I used a thin brush and quick strokes to make stray hairs between the white and black areas and along the top of the black area. You want it to look like actual fur. I used the eyeliner again to draw a black line straight down from the center of the nose to the top of the lip. I drew a thin black line along the top of my top lip for his mouth. Finally, I used the black paint to draw in the widow’s peak and hairline.

Scar - Widows peakI’d recommend finishing with a setting spray like Mehron barrier spray. It will help keep all of your makeup in place throughout the day. You put in a lot of effort! You don’t want all of your hard work to go to waste!

Scar out in the WILD!I kept it pretty simple for my outfit. I wore a tan shirt with some sheer aztec designs, a pair of brown jeggings and some tan flats. I wore a long curly dark wig to simulate a mane. And, of course, I went back to my 4 year old self quoting “I’m surrounded by idiots,” all day! Haha.

Scar final lookThat’s it for this look! I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think! If you have any tips for easier application of anything (especially the white paradise paint) please let me know! What are you going to be for Halloween this year? If you decide to give this a shot, send me a picture of your finished look! I’d love to see it!

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