We’re back with another installment of the IHC Costume Series!! This one is a double hitter!! Today we’re going to teach you how to become Sadness and Disgust from Disney’s Inside Out!


I’ve always been a Disney fan and the buck doesn’t stop here! Sadness annoyed my whole entire life the whole movie but you just have to love her! I got the idea to do this costume from Pinterest and it was a really fun look to put together! Let’s get started.

Start off with Mehron Skin Prep Pro. It’ll create a thin layer to protect your skin and help keep your makeup in place. Apply it to a cotton ball/cotton round and apply all over your face, avoiding eyes and mouth. Give it a few seconds to dry before moving on. Use the blue from the Mehron pastel paradise makeup AQ palette to cover your entire face, neck, ears. Don’t cover your eyelids. You’ll go in with some eyeshadow later and the paradise paint will make it crease! I recommend using a cheap makeup wedge sponge to apply. The ones that come in a pack of 20 or so that you’d get from Meijer, Walmart, etc.. You’ll wet the paint with water and use the sponge to pick up and apply it to your face.

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You may have to apply a few layers, depending on how much coverage you want. It’s buildable, just be patient and gentle! If you’re having a hard time getting coverage in a certain area, try using the brush that comes with the palette. I’m not sure what it’s made of but it works WONDERS! If it wasn’t so small, I’d probably use it for my whole face.

Now for the eyes! Go in with a darker blue paradise paint from the “basic” palette and fill in your eyebrows. Next, place an eyeshadow primer all over your lid. I used Elizabeth Mott “Thank me later” primer.  Use a blue eyeshadow to cover your eyelids. I used a blue eyeshadow from Juvia’s Place Masquerade palette. I LOVE this shadow! It’s soooo pigmented! If you don’t have a Juvia’s place palette, you really need to check them out! Take a fluffy brush and blend the edge of the eyeshadow so there isn’t such a harsh line between the light and dark blues. Use a small angled brush or a pencil brush to line the bottom lash line with the same blue eyeshadow.

Take a larger brush and use the same blue eyeshadow to contour your cheeks, forehead, chin, nose and under your jawline. Blend, blend, blend! Finally, apply a chapstick, lip balm, vaseline, etc. on your lips. Use the blue eyeshadow again on top of the chapstick as your lip color. That’s it for the makeup!!

Set your face using Mehron Barrier spray (or any finishing spray of your choice). If you use the barrier spray, be SURE to close your eyes and mouth before spraying. Alcohol is the first ingredient in the spray, and you definitely don’t want that in your eyes or mouth! So take a deep breath, close those eyes and spray, spray, spray! This should help keep your makeup in place all day!


With a cotton round apply Skin Prep pro all over your face avoiding your eyes and mouth area. Allow Skin prep to dry. Now the next step is completely optional, but because I have huge pores on my cheeks I always apply a minimizing face primer on top of skin prep pro just to help knock out my pores. Now apply your favorite eye primer all over your eye lids all the way up to your eyebrows.

For this look we are going to create new green eyebrows so take your Elmers glue stick and apply it on top of your eyebrows to slick them down.

With a cheap makeup sponge apply the light green mehron paradise paint from the pastel palette all over your face, neck and ears. Once your face is completely covered take the dark green paradise paint from the basic palette and paint back in your eyebrows.

At this point your face probably looks pretty flat so now we are going to add some dimension back in. Take a green eyeshadow, I used Mali from the Juvia Masquerade palette, and contour your cheeks, forehead, under chin and nose. Blend it out as best as you can. The paradise paint is a little sticky so it is kind of hard to blend out. Once you finish contouring add a little pink blush to the apples of your cheeks.

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Okay now lets move on to the eyes. For your eyes apply Bori from the masquerade palette all over your eye lids. Then for your crease  first go in with Caliber, blend that out, then apply Makeda on top of that. Now with that same green eyeshadow we used to contour and go along your bottom lash line. To finish off the eye shadow use Giza in your inner corner and kind of transition that color out into the darker colors on your lids.

Now for my lips I used used ColourPop More Better but any lipstick will work. I do suggest if you decide to use a matte color from ColourPop to either apply chapstick or a lip primer before application. My #1 recommendation is Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Primer. It helps your lipstick last longer as well as provides moisture and conditions your lips under your lipstick.

Alright lets finish up these eyes and apply some eyeliner and mascara. Then take the sparkly green from the Mehron Paradise paint Brilliant palette and create some lashes.

Just like with the Saddness look, make sure you seal in all your hard work with a setting spray.


Now for the Sadness outfit, I wore a grey turtleneck sweater from Woman Within. I wore royal blue leggings from Lu La Roe’s tall and curvy line. These leggings are a little pricey, but they’re sooooo soft!! I wore some light blue rubber gloves so my hands would be blue. I ordered a blue wig and blue round glasses from Amazon to finish off the look! For the legs/feet, I dyed some white trouser socks light blue with water, vinegar and blue food coloring.

The outfit for Disgust was pretty simple, I wore a green dress that I purchased from Forever21, they no longer carry the dress so unfortunately I do not have a link, a pair of black flats from Target, a wig that I ordered from Amazon, these super soft green leggings from Lu La Roe and a little bit of light purple ribbon around my neck, that I purchased from Walmart. To finish up my look I also died a pair of trouser socks and tights to create green skin for my legs, feet and arms.


We weren’t huge fans of painting all of our skin, but really wanted it to all look the proper color. So we got creative!! To create skin, you’ll need:

  • water
  • vinegar
  • food coloring (blue for sadness, green for disgust, etc.)
  • white trouser socks (for lower legs/feet)
  • white tights (for arms.. I’ll explain lol)

Fill a pot about ¾ full of water and heat– not quite to a boil, but it should be pretty hot and steamy. Once it starts steaming, stir in a few capfulls of vinegar. Next is the fun part!! Add in some food coloring. If you think you’ve added enough, you probably need a little bit more! Once the vinegar and food coloring are stirred in, add the trouser socks and/or tights. You want to make sure to get ALL of the fabric under the water to get an even color. Stir the socks/tights around in the pot until you think they’ve reached the color you want. Once you get the desired color, CAREFULLY remove the socks/tights from the pot and rinse them with cold water. (Remember: they were in very hot water, and they’ll hold water so don’t burn yourself! Use a big spoon or some tongs to handle them.) After you rinse with cold water, hang them to dry. The trouser socks should be long enough to cover your feet and legs up to your leggings/pants. Cut the legs off of the tights and wear them as sleeves to cover your arms! You can cut thumb holes on the ends to make sure they don’t roll up on you!

Core Memories!

If you reallyyyy want to drive the look home, make a memory orb! It’s super easy! Just get a clear plastic ornament from a craft store. Get the kind that has two equal halves that come together. Crumple up some blue cellophane to fill the orb. You can add a small light in the middle of the orb to give the glowy effect from the movie. I would recommend super gluing the orb halves together so they don’t pop apart all day. I didn’t glue mine at first and I broke it trying to put it back together. Nothing a little super glue couldn’t fix though!

That’s it for this costume!! If you decide to give it a try, please tag us! We’d love to see your rendition! If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the comment section below! Also, don’t forget to follow us on social media @IndyHipChic and YouTube “Indy Hip Chic” to stay up to date on new videos and blogs!

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