img_0043Hey guys! Fall is finallyyyy approaching, and I’m so excited about it! I love fall for many reasons, but one of the main ones has to be because it’s costume season! Of course there’s Halloween and the costume parties, but there’s also breakfast club! For those of you that don’t know what breakfast club is, I feel for you! Basically, on days of Purdue University home football games, the campus bars open at about 7:00 a.m. (yes a.m.), people dress in costumes and go bar hop before the game. There’s nothing like a quick bar crawl to make cheering for your team that much more exciting. Win or lose, you’re having a great time, no matter how silly you look! My friends and I absolutely LOVE participating, and we take our costumes pretty seriously so, to keep it special, we only go twice a year (for homecoming in the fall and Grand Prix in the spring).

We’ve been participating for about 5 years now, so we have a bunch of pretty cool costumes under our belts. We thought it would be a cool idea to go back and recreate our old costumes and put together a tutorial series for you guys! Welcome to the breakfast club series! Yay! I’m super excited so let’s get to it!


I’m going to start off the series with my “Billy the Puppet” costume. If you don’t know, Billy the Puppet is that creepy doll from the “Saw” movie series that says “I would like to play a game.” I’m a huge fan of the Saw series so I was really excited to wear this look!

Saw - eyes

We’ll start with eyes! I put Elizabeth Mott “Thank me later” eyeshadow primer all over my lids, up to my eyebrows. Next, I took Maybelline New York Eye Studio Eyeliner in “Blackest Black,” to cover my entire lid. Be sure to blend out the edges for a smoky look! I also blended it under my eyes to smoke out the look even more. I used the same eyeliner to fill in a super harsh, black eyebrow for extra drama. I went back and used the eyeshadow “Spirit Rock” (from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-Made palette) all over my lid. Spirit Rock is a matte black shade with some blue and pink sparkles. I thought the sparkles added a nice touch of glam to the look. If you really want to glam up the look, you can add some dramatic false lashes. I decided to just stick with my Benefit They’re Real mascara on my natural lashes this time.

Saw - face

For the face, I used white Mehron Paradise Paint, applied with a damp beauty blender. MUCH easier said than done. It was pretty hard to get this color to cover my brown skin. Using a brush left streaks and the beauty blender left circular marks. I made it work the best I could, and it wasn’t too bad once I finished the whole look. Another option would be to use Mehron clown white makeup. I’ve used clown white plenty of times. I get good results, but it can be kind of heavy and will definitely get on anything you touch. (I have a friend that I usually only see at breakfast club and she ALWAYS gets too excited to hug me and ends up with clown white on her face and/or clothes lol. Every time. Never fails. Sorry Kanesha!) After I got my face covered to my liking, I used a setting powder to lock it all in place. I used e.l.f. High Definition powder in “sheer/translucent,” but any white or translucent powder will work (I’ve even used baby powder before). Next, I used the Maybelline eyeliner again to draw lines straight down from the corners of my lips to my chin to give that doll like look.

Saw - cheeks

For the signature cheek spirals, I used the Sephora collection cream lip stain in the color 01-Always Red. To apply, I used a fine tip pencil brush and a prayer haha. I used a veryyy little bit of the maybelline eyeliner to create a soft, half circle shadow around the spirals to add some dimension to my face. I also buffed a little of the eyeliner from the tip of my eyebrows down the sides of my nose to contour.

Saw - lips

I finished this look with a nice bold red lip! I started with the Sephora collection lip liner to go in the color 04- Deep Ruby. I drew out the corners of my mouth further than normal for an exaggerated look. Then I filled them in with the same Always Red cream lip stain I used for the cheeks.

To complete the look, I wore a white button up shirt, a red bow tie, a black blazer, dark jeans and some black leather knee high boots. Then I walked around all day creepily saying “I would like to play a game.” Gotta stay in character!

That’s it for this look! I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think! If you have any tips for easier application of anything (especially the white paradise paint) please let me know! What are you going to be for Halloween this year? If you decide to give this a shot, send me a picture of your finished look! I’d love to see it!

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Indy Hip Chic is a lifestyle blog following the amazingly awesome lives of 3 Indy natives. Originally created to be a creative outlet and place to try new things we thought why not share this experience??? And with that Indy Hip Chic was born. From cosplay to vegan recipes we cover a little bit of everything, while showing off the place we call home. We want to engage our viewers and challenge them to try something new via our experiences. Whether it be new beauty products, how to care for your natural hair and skin, trying a new exotic restaurant, social event, new business or how to eat and be a healthier you! While telling you about all the cool new things we try and experience we also want to showcase and educate people about the black owned businesses and organizations available within our community and nation wide. We believe supporting one another is crucial for the black community and we aim to do our part by showcasing black artists, nonprofits, businesses, products and everything in between. Check us out for your daily dose of awesome.

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Indy Hip Chic is a lifestyle blog following the amazingly awesome lives of 4 Indy natives. Originally created to be a creative outlet and place to try new things we thought why not share this experience??? And with that Indy Hip Chic was born. From cosplay to vegan recipes we cover a little bit of everything while showing off the place we call home.

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