We share a lot of about our favorite makeup and go to beauty routines but for every Saturday Slay, there’s a BOMB ASS skincare routine that paved the way.

In the world of beauty and makeup, a great skincare routine is king. Taking care of the skin that’s underneath your makeup makes applying any type of cosmetic product 150 times easier. Having a good skin care routine can help with oil control, reduce breakouts, as well as help, maintain that youthful glow we’re all going for. Which at the end of the day means you don’t have to put in as much work or use as much product.

Having a good skincare routine does not mean spending hundreds on high priced serums and creams. It means finding that perfect combination of products that suits your skin type and your needs. I have combination skin, which means some areas get extremely oily while other are very dry… I know it’s quite a battle. My forehead, nose, and cheeks, also known as the T-zone. get very oily while the area under the corners of my mouth gets extremely dry especially during the winter months. Then on top of all that I suffer from acne breakouts and hyperpigmentation.

The skin on the rest of my body is its own monster… I have very very sensitive skin, so many store bought lotions cause my chest, back, and arms to break out. I also can’t go a day without applying any type of moisturizer because my skin will dry out, crack and itch to all heaven.

Even though I have these problems I’ve developed a skincare routine and found products that work perfectly for me. So today I’m going to share some of my skincare staples.

1. Smellgood Soft and Smooth African Shea Butter: Shea butter is my holy grail, I don’t think there is an ailment in the world that Shea butter can’t cure (lol). I’ve been using shea butter for a majority of my life as my daily all over moisturizer. It moisturizes the skin leaving you extremely soft and radiant. I usually purchase a big 10 lbs box that lasts about a year and mix it together with my favorite essential oils for scent and coconut oil just to soften up the butter. To see how I make my Shea Coconut all over butter Click Here.

2. Tropical Naturals Dudu-Osun Black Soap: Now this is a serious soap. Dudu-Osun soap got me through that awkward acne infested teenage years. This soap is great for treating acne, eczema, oily skin and dark spots. I don’t use this soap as much as I used to but it was always my go-to soap during the summer months when my face would get extremely oily. This soap does require you to follow up with some type of moisturizer because it will dry you out, I suggest Shea Butter.

3. Madina African Black Soap with Shea Butter & Aloe Vera: Now this is a great cleansing moisturizing soap that leaves your skin super soft and nourished. As you can see shea butter is my thing and this soap does not disappoint. This soap is also great for acne and healing dark spots.

4. Nubian Heritage Soap: Before there was SheaMoisture there was Nubian Heritage. Like many of the other soaps on the list, these soaps contain shea butter. The great thing about Nubian Heritage’s soaps is that they come in a vast variety of scents with different amazing ingredients. A few of my favorites are Coconut & Papaya with Vanilla Beans, Black Seed with Apricot Oil and Wild Honey and Peppermint with Crushed Almonds and Baking Soda.

5. SheaMoisture Soap: So like I said previously before there was SheaMoisture there was Nubian Heritage. These soaps are housed under the same company, Sundial Brands. What I love about these soaps is that they are a lot easier to find as well as have an AMAZING lather when you use them. Like Nubian Heritage, these soaps also contain shea butter and come in a variety of scents. Some of my favorites are African Water Mint & Ginger Detox Shea Butter Soap, Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Energizing Soap and Dragon’s Blood & Coffee Cherry Shea Butter Soap with Black Currant & Borage Oils.

6. SheaMoisture Black Soap Moisturizer: Now this moisturizer is fairly new to my skin care routine. I only use this moisturizer on my face and it helps tremendously with oil control. Before discovering this moisturizer I just used shea butter on my face along with the rest of my body and I noticed once I began to wear more makeup that I needed some assistance with oil balance especially in my t-zone. Using shea butter caused my foundation to break down a lot quicker and by the end of the day, my forehead and cheeks were an oily mess. This moisturizer solved all of that while helping with helping with acne and dark spots. I definitely recommend using this moisturizer if you regularly wear makeup.

7. Chocolate Kinks & Kurls Her Bar: All the soap listed above are great all over soaps but this soap is amazing for your more sensitive private areas. I recently discovered this soap at a black owned business bazaar in Indy and I love it. The soap leaves you clean and scent free, especially after those hard workouts at the gym. This soap does have a shea butter scent so if you don’t enjoy the way shea butter smells it may be a little off-putting. The bar lasts FOREVER, I literally only buy 2 or 3 bars a year and I’m good. I would recommend cutting the bar into 8 pieces and keeping it out of your water stream because it will melt and you’ll be sad.

8. Wombtique V-Smart Bar: A lot like the Her Bar this is another AMAZING feminine bar. It’s a great alternative if you don’t like that shea butter scent, but all natural ingredients. It also leaves you fresh and clean and is just an awesome bar of soap. This one also lasts forever and just like the Her Bar I do suggest cutting the bar into 8 pieces using one piece at a time and storing the rest away for safe keeping.

9. Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm with SPF 25: Not many people would add chapstick to their essential skin care list but I’m all for a good chapstick or lipgloss. I learned about this chapstick in one of Jackie Aina’s haul videos and I LOVE it. Yea, it’s definitely a pretty penny for a .25 oz tube but not having to apply chapstick 5 times within an hour is well worth $7.50. This chapstick conditions your lips leaving them super soft and moisturized for hours, as well as protects them from the sun which is essential during the summer months.  I’ve only tried the Shea Butter & Vitamin E option but once this tube is all out Grapefruit & Ginger is next.

10. SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Even Skin Tone Creme: Me and this creme have serious a love-hate relationship… Love because when used properly it’s amazing at aiding in hair bump prevention and discoloration. Hate because when you don’t read the label and use it on your face you’ll 100% breakout! Yea I was the one that didn’t read the entire label and thought the lotion would help with the dark spots on my face…. Sigh. Although this creme caused a session of miserable pimples it works fantastically for my underarms. Recently it seems every time I shave I get hair bumps under my arms which then turn to dark spots. I’ve changed razors, shaving cremes and deodorant and still seem to find myself with bumps under my arms. Now, this creme isn’t the holy grail but it has definitely helped in the journey for smooth hair bump free pits.

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Indy Hip Chic is a lifestyle blog following the amazingly awesome lives of 3 Indy natives. Originally created to be a creative outlet and place to try new things we thought why not share this experience??? And with that Indy Hip Chic was born. From cosplay to vegan recipes we cover a little bit of everything, while showing off the place we call home. We want to engage our viewers and challenge them to try something new via our experiences. Whether it be new beauty products, how to care for your natural hair and skin, trying a new exotic restaurant, social event, new business or how to eat and be a healthier you! While telling you about all the cool new things we try and experience we also want to showcase and educate people about the black owned businesses and organizations available within our community and nation wide. We believe supporting one another is crucial for the black community and we aim to do our part by showcasing black artists, nonprofits, businesses, products and everything in between. Check us out for your daily dose of awesome.
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Indy Hip Chic is a lifestyle blog following the amazingly awesome lives of 4 Indy natives. Originally created to be a creative outlet and place to try new things we thought why not share this experience??? And with that Indy Hip Chic was born. From cosplay to vegan recipes we cover a little bit of everything while showing off the place we call home.

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