Hey, loves! I am VERYYYY excited to be bringing you this post!! It’s my first full BOMB spotlight/product review. So far, we’ve shared two BOMB hauls on our YouTube channel. Click here to see the November BOMB Haul. Click here to see the January BOMB Haul. While the haul videos are great to get a bunch of information out quickly and mention a whole slew of products for you to try, I thought it’d be helpful for you all to see individual reviews of some, if not all, of the products. So here we are… I’ll give you the good, the bad and the ugly. This post is NOT sponsored. I purchased this product with my own money. I plan to give you my honest opinion on the quality of both the product and the company in general. Today I will be reviewing the Crafted by AGEM whipped body pudding! I’ll start off with a little bit of background on the company, then get into my review.

About AGEM

AGEM Body Shoppe is an Etsy shop specializing in body and cosmetic products crafted and created by Arielle Mabon. Message from AGEM Body Shoppe:

“crafted by agem — creating a better version of me.
agem is currently a line of handcrafted body & cosmetic products, made with natural ingredients and only good for you additives.
agem in the future is a lifestyle brand, focused on enhancing the lives of others through becoming your best self.


for me, becoming my best self is a continuous process that I never expect to end. it means a constant journey toward fine-ness. it means having a sound & curious mind, living a life of radiant health & vitality, smooth and supple skin, luxurious hair, and inspiring others to become better versions of themselves, my own way, using my own gifts.
I have found that using my own handmade creations, leaves my skin soft, smooth, and renewed, even throughout harsh winters. weekly exfoliation with my sugar scrub, smooths away dried skin, allowing fresh cells to come to the surface. the everything balm is a nourishing alternative to nighttime vaseline & socks on the feet and does wonders on tough skin areas such as elbows, and knees, and I love it on my cuticles.
I hope that almost everyone can find something to help them become a better version of themselves, and I hope that I can be apart of that discovery.

Tis the beginning.”

In addition to today’s featured product, the skin-loving whipped body pudding, AGEM Body Shoppe offers a hemp body salve (everything balm) and the softening and conditioning beard oil.

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Ordering process

The ordering process was very easy. As I mentioned, this is an Etsy shop. It was very user-friendly. Each product had a description of ingredients, item details, shipping/policies and instructions for use. The whipped body pudding also included a pretty extensive note on melting (warm weather shipping, what to do about melting, what she’s doing about melting, why products melt, etc.) which was very informative! They offer a small and large size of the body pudding. I ordered the large size for $15 +s&h. I believe the small jar was about $8 or so.


AGEM Body Shoppe was just returning from a hiatus when I ordered my body pudding. It took about a week to ship; the pudding arrived a few days later.

When my body pudding shipped, it was still pretty hot outside. When I received the pudding, it was melted. As I mentioned, this is to be expected and there was a full write up on the product site about melting, so I wasn’t too concerned. I followed the instructions given on the site on what to do in the event of melting, and I was good to go!

First Impression

This was my first time trying a whipped body pudding, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I’ve only ever used lotions and body butters, so that was all I had to compare it to. Once the pudding reset, the texture was very light and airy. It melted in my hands as I rubbed it in, making it very easy to apply. I was honestly kind of nervous after applying it the first time because my hands were SHINING… I mean… They were oily as all get out y’all lol…

Since then, I’ve learned that if you give your skin some time to soak it all in, the oiliness goes away after a few minutes and leaves your skin super soft and touchable! The jar says, “For best results: apply to damp, freshly cleansed skin. Apply as generally as you like, everyone’s needs are different. Take your sweet time & massage into skin whenever possible. I apply it to my entire body, excluding my face, after every shower or bath. Exfoliating away dead skin about once per week helps sweeten the effects of the body pudding. Enjoy.”

Current Feelings

I’ve been using the pudding (as recommended above) for about 2 months now, and it’s been great for getting me through the Indiana winter. It’s been a pretty mild winter thus far, but the cold, dry air always makes my skin super dry around this time of year, so it’s great to have a product that helps combat that. I also feel REALLY good about it being handmade AND the fact that I can easily pronounce all of the ingredients [cocoa butter, avocado butter, coconut oil, rice bran oil & vitamin e (optional fragrance)]! I’ve been trying to be more conscious about living a healthier lifestyle lately. Now I’m not well versed in skin care ingredients by any means, but something about being able to read the ingredients without breaking out my chemistry textbooks makes me feel pretty good!

All in all, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who’s interested in a responsibly and locally made skin care solution. I’ve heard great things about the hemp salve as well. That is definitely on my list of things to try! If you are in the market for a great body pudding, you should absolutely try it out! Arielle is a new mom (congrats!!), so she’s currently taking a break from the shop to get used to the new mommy life. You won’t want to miss out when the shop is back up and running! To stay up to date on the relaunch, new products, sales (and to see more of the woman behind the business),  follow the AGEM Instagram page @crzy4agem!

I hope you all found this review helpful! As always, don’t hesitate to leave any questions/comments down below! I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


About the author

Indy Hip Chic is a lifestyle blog following the amazingly awesome lives of 3 Indy natives. Originally created to be a creative outlet and place to try new things we thought why not share this experience??? And with that Indy Hip Chic was born. From cosplay to vegan recipes we cover a little bit of everything, while showing off the place we call home. We want to engage our viewers and challenge them to try something new via our experiences. Whether it be new beauty products, how to care for your natural hair and skin, trying a new exotic restaurant, social event, new business or how to eat and be a healthier you! While telling you about all the cool new things we try and experience we also want to showcase and educate people about the black owned businesses and organizations available within our community and nation wide. We believe supporting one another is crucial for the black community and we aim to do our part by showcasing black artists, nonprofits, businesses, products and everything in between. Check us out for your daily dose of awesome.

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Indy Hip Chic is a lifestyle blog following the amazingly awesome lives of 4 Indy natives. Originally created to be a creative outlet and place to try new things we thought why not share this experience??? And with that Indy Hip Chic was born. From cosplay to vegan recipes we cover a little bit of everything while showing off the place we call home.

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