Believe it or not, this would be the first time I have purchased a drugstore foundation. When I began my makeup journey, I immediately went to Macy’s because I assumed that I would not be able to find a foundation in a drug store. Today, I have decided to explore my options and I thought it would also be fun to try full face looks featuring brands I have never tried before. 

The List

  • Fit Me Foundation Matte + Poreless in Deep Golden $5.99
  • City Mini Eyeshadow Palette x Shayla $7.89
  • The Colossal Big Shot Volum’ Express Mascara $6.89
  • Master Precise Curvy Liquid Eyeliner $3.44 (Clearance)
  • Facestudio Master Blush Palette $9.99
  • ColorSensational Lipcolor in Untainted Spice $5.49

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My Thoughts

The Fit Me Foundation surprised me by how much coverage it has, it really lasted all day, and the color did not change. I initially thought that the color I chose was too dark for my skin but it does match my summer color a bit. My local Target didn’t have very many colors in the dark shade range, however, online it looks like there are at least 10 available. 

The City Mini Palette was the best part of this review and I was very impressed! I liked that the back of the palette shows instructions on how to use the colors for those who may need guidance. I followed the directions and I liked the overall outcome of the look but I would probably do it in a different order. The colors are very pigmented, they did not fade, and it was very easy for me to apply. However, there was a lot of fallout so you need to plan accordingly. I’m definitely interested in trying some of the other colors as well.

The Colossal Big Shot Mascara was kind of just okay for me. I liked the way it separated my lashes but I didn’t feel like it was anything special. I was really excited about the brush and it just didn’t make my lashes look full as I thought it would. I do believe it did a good job of making them look longer and I did love the fact that it wasn’t messy. 

The Master Precise Curvy Liquid Eyeliner was a win for me. I love felt tip eyeliners and I loved that I got it at an amazing clearance price. This pen is actually unique because of the shape allows you the opportunity to be more creative in how you draw on your liner. It was easy to use, the color was dark, and it lasted all day as well. 

The Master Blush Palette was the product I was most excited about, but it came up short. The blush colors are actually very pretty and I believe they complimented my face and the eyeshadow. However, the highlighter would not pick up on my highlighter brush so I had to use more dense/compact brush. When I applied the highlighter it looked like I just dumped glitter all over my face so I had to blend/brush it out to the best of my ability. I really believe that a good highlighter should operate similarly to a blush. When you apply a highlighter it should just melt into the skin and create a nice glow vs looking like you threw powder on your face.

Finally, I will admit that I have been using Untainted Spice for a couple years now and it is my favorite nude lipstick hands down. It goes on opaque and it does have a slight shine too it without being overpowering. It is a great everyday lipstick that helped tone down the overall finish of this look (especially on a workday). It typically lasts for 3-4 hours if I am not eating or drinking anything and it does keep my lips moisturized. 

Overall, I was impressed to discover that for the price I typically pay for 1 foundation is actually equal to a whole look from one brand. I do like each of these products to continue using them again and maybe things will be able to work out better with the blush palette in the future. I do believe that Maybelline is creating products that are good quality and worth the money to try it out for yourself. I hope this was helpful and if you think there are other brands I should try, please let me know!

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I'm a self-disclosed beauty addict and lover of social media. I come from a large family and pride myself on being a loyal friend who enjoys spending quality time with people I love. I can usually be found trying different restaurants, shops, and going to random events in the city.

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