Today’s post is another business review! I (somewhat) recently came across an amazing online store called “All Dem’ Shades.” Per their Twitter bio, “All Dem’ Shades is an empowering and unifying pro black clothing line and ideology that celebrates blackness in all shades.” Not only do they celebrate all shades, they celebrate all ages, sizes and genders! As a curvy girl, it isn’t always easy for me to find the clothes I want in my size, but babyyyyy, All Dem’ Shades came THROUGH! They have a variety of men’s and women’s apparel options, many of which come in sizes S-3XL. They also offer swim options in sizes S-XL, and kid’s apparel in sizes Newborn- XS Youth. They also have various accessories (hats, bags, etc.).

Aside from being happy that I was able to find my size, I was immediately in LOVE with the messages on their clothing. The shirt that initially caught my eye was a black shirt that reads “hella Black. hella Proud.” If you follow me on Instagram, you know that that’s been one of my favorite hashtags for a while now. When I saw it on that shirt, I knew I HAD to have it! Luckily, I’m a teeny bit spoiled and my amazing friend got it for me! (Thanks Aaron! =D You’re the best!) I couldn’t wait to post pics in my new favorite shirt! When I did, my friends couldn’t get enough and had to have one too! Aaron was nice enough to sponsor shirts for the crew (thanks again!) and we’ve been fly ever since. From the original “hella Black. hella Proud.” to “Melanin Poppin’,” to “brown girl boss,” to “Black Girls Are Lit,” you’d think we’d be running out of options to get next. You’d be wrong. There are many, many more to go! (Other options include black and dope, a black woman created this, black mixed with black, black girls on a mission, and quite a few more!)

In addition to loving the number options they had, I actually loved the quality of the shirts. The shirts aren’t super thick (which I like in summer months) and are pretty soft. I’ve washed mine several times, and it still looks great! After ordering, it took maybe 4-6 days for the shirts to arrive with standard shipping. It’s no Amazon Prime, but I’d say that’s reasonable for ground shipping. We’ve made 5 separate orders thus far and there has only been an issue with one. We ordered two of the same shirt (in an order of about 4 total shirts), and they accidentally only sent one. ADS was in the process of moving warehouses at the time, and it seems to just have been an honest mistake. They were very apologetic and sent the other shirt out immediately with free shipping. I’m always nervous when situations like this arise with companies that I’m not overly familiar with, but I think they handled this situation totally professionally and in a timely fashion. I would definitely recommend this brand to anyone looking for some cute and fun pro-black attire!

I got some of the girls together for a quick photo shoot to show off some of our shirts! Click through the gallery to see a few of the shirts we’ve gotten so far. Also, be sure to visit and support this awesome black owned business! (p.s. This is NOT a sponsored post. My opinions are my own and haven’t been influenced by anyone else. I just love these shirts! )

What do you think of these shirts? Leave a comment down below, and let me know which is your favorite! Also, don’t forget to follow us on social media so you can stay up to date with our daily lives! You wouldn’t want to miss any of the Hip Chic Happenings!

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