As we are approaching fall the air is going to be much cooler and for some people, chilly weather leads to dry skin. Your daily skin cleaning routine, moisturizing, and staying hydrated are definitely the perfect trifecta to keeping your skin healthy. However, every once in a while (typically once a week) using a face mask is a great way to deep clean your pores and also balance the skin. I am not a skin expert but I thought it would at least be fun to share my favorite face masks.

I have used a more expensive charcoal mask in the past and this was suggested to me by a Sephora employee when I was looking for alternatives. I think that it was mild and a more relaxing experience than other brands. It does have a mild tingling while it’s working but I didn’t feel like my face was on fire like other charcoal masks I’ve tried. I like that I didn’t have to use a lot of product to get the results I wanted. My faces always feels clean and I think it makes my skin feel tad bit younger! Origins seems to be a very popular brand and some people I know are very loyal to their products. I will probably buy it again and the price is pretty affordable.

When my face needs a serious deep cleaning from all the makeup I wear, this is my go-to face mask/face wash. I usually buy it at Target and it can be hard to find at Walmart. There is a ton of product in the bottle for the price and I think it’s a really great deal. It always lasts several months for me to use and I like how refreshed I feel after using it. Some may think that this cleanser is a little harsh but it works for me and it always clears up any blackheads that I have that are trying to pop up on my skin.

I received this as a sample from my Sephora Play box and I must say that I am impressed! This mask is described as an “intensive wash off treatment” but honestly, it is the most gentle mask experience I ever had. It is another charcoal mask (of course) and the smell is also relaxing. A little goes a long way with this mask and I only used one finger to dip in and spread it on my face in a thin layer. My skin felt very soft the first time I used it and I felt like I just walked out of a spa!

This mask is really popular for a reason! It is easy to use, refreshing, and effective at giving me the results I wanted. I have bought this mask and other Boscia products at Sephora a few times and I’m never disappointed. Many people assume that this peel off mask is for blackheads, however, it is not. Its purpose is to reduce pores, get rid of dead skin, and help keep your skin more firm. I have suggested this mask to my friends and they seem to love it as well. My skin feels nice and rejuvenated after every experience!

Those are just a few of my favorites, feel free to share your go to masks in the comments!

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I'm a self-disclosed beauty addict and lover of social media. I come from a large family and pride myself on being a loyal friend who enjoys spending quality time with people I love. I can usually be found trying different restaurants, shops, and going to random events in the city.

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