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We share a lot of about our favorite makeup and go to beauty routines but for every Saturday Slay, there’s a BOMB ASS skincare routine that paved the way. In the world of beauty and makeup, a great skincare routine is king. Taking care of the skin that’s underneath your makeup makes applying any type of cosmetic product 150 times easier. Having a good skin care routine can help with oil control, reduce breakouts, as well as help, maintain that youthful glow we’re all going for. Which at the end of the day means you don’t have to put in...
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How to Make Watermelon Jello Shots

A few years ago, I saw some creative and quite adorable ways to make jello shots. Although I am really...
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B.O.M.B. Challenge || Black Owned Makeup Brands Makeup Tutorial

Hey there!! Welcome back! As you know, the ladies of IHC challenged each other to only purchase makeup and skincare...
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Why I Will Continue to Support Shea Moisture

Let’s start this post off by acknowledging that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you disagree with my...
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Vegan Curried Black Eyed Pea Recipe ~ Vegan Tami

gHello everyone, Vegan Tami is back again with another vegan recipe.  This time I tweaked a recipe I found online...
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IHC Get Healthy Monopoly: Workout Edition

Hey ladies and gents, we are back at it with another WORKOUT CHALLENGE! For the month of April, we’ll be...
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Quick & Easy Wash N Go with Camille Rose Naturals

Being late sucks… but being late with a super old and crusty twist out is even worse. So today I’m...
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